Contact us:

A Touch of Paradise
PO Box 4571
Bundaberg South QLD 4670

Phone/Fax: 07 4159 7022
Mobile: 0408 067 606



Contact us:

A Touch of Paradise
PO Box 4571
Bundaberg South 4670

Phone/Fax: 07 41597022
Mobile: 0408 067 606

As well as Commercial properties, A Touch of Paradise Landscaping also does private work. The work we do on private residences maybe small - perhaps tidying up a troublesome backyard spot, or entire residences including poolscapes and courtyards.

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Private residential courtyard with decorative pebble and feature stepping stones. Landscaping for a pool surround that merges with the natural bushsetting behind.
Formal gardenscape reflecting the colors and architecture of the residence.
Before and after shot of a narrow access along the side of a home.
The tiger grass will grow to up to provide a cooling and intriguing corridoor leading to the courtyard beyond.
Paving project for a private backyard
Paving, edging and new garden beds comlete this front residential entry
Work underway on a private courtyard entrance with steps, retaining wall and paving- And completed.
Pool landscaping with new kerbed garden beds and a large stone feature wall at one end of the pool.
An expansive private redevelopment on a riverbank setting. Features rock and hardwood retaining walls, pathways and rock creek drainage areas.
Beautiful country retreat gardens set against a natural bush setting
Formal paved and stone pathways interspersed with new garden beds. Landscaping a new residence complete with retaining wall, garden beds, garden edging and turf.

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